June 26, 2024

Professional Conductor & Violinist Photoshoot: Headshots and Brand Photos

When Linda Valeckis, a professional violinist, called me for a professional photoshoot, I knew a fun day was ahead. Her passion and energy are infectious even over the phone, and I was not disappointed. In this blog post, I’ll feature her artist profile and take you through the behind-the-scenes of her session and the special touch we did to make this one a remarkable experience.

Behind the Scenes of a Violinist Photoshoot

Linda Valeckis, a professional violinist and conductor based in Chicago, has graced stages worldwide with her performances. Beyond her career, she is also an educator who loves sharing her passion for music with students.

In addition, she’s now pivoting her business out of the classroom so that she can concentrate more on performing, consulting, conducting and teaching. It had been several years since she had updated her professional photos, and we were excited to capture her personality and energy at this beautiful stage of her life.

You know I love working with artists because of my own background in music, and this whole session felt like playtime!

There’s a key factor in every photoshoot: the wardrobe. What you’re going to wear determines the mood, theme, and topic of the session. So, if that’s your case, download my free guide here, where I show you how to nail the perfect outfit.

The Inspiration Behind the Photoshoot

During our consultation, I was so inspired by Linda’s attitude and experience. As a part of my 40 Over 40 Experience, Linda told me that she loves what she sees in the mirror now “because she looks happy.” She said that she wanted to capture not only how she looks at this stage in her life, but also a level of confidence that wasn’t there before.

As you can see, the goal was to capture her with and without her violin and with her conducting baton. We selected various backdrops to highlight the multifaceted nature of her professional journey.

A Special Touch: Including Peter

We made the day more special with Linda’s husband, Peter, a professional guitarist. We seized the opportunity to include Peter in some of the photos, capturing their beautiful chemistry. The images of the two musicians together added a unique and personal dimension to the shoot.

Linda and Peter’s captivating personalities and love for music filled the studio with magical energy. Spending the day with them was a joy as they shared their stories, bringing a vibrant, creative spirit to the session. Their happiness and passion were infectious, making the experience not just a photoshoot but a celebration of their lives and careers.

Are You Our Next Story?

Linda’s photoshoot is a beautiful reminder of the power of personal branding photography. We captured the many facets of Linda’s personality and roles to create a portfolio of images that will help her stand out in the competitive music world. Whether performing on stage, conducting an orchestra, or teaching her students, Linda has a collection of professional photographs reflecting her talent, confidence, and joy.

We are thrilled to have been a part of this exciting phase in Linda’s career and look forward to seeing how these images will help her continue to inspire and connect with her audience!

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