May 24, 2024

What to Wear for Your Brand Photoshoot

The question we hear most frequently has to be: What Should I Wear for my Photoshoot? 

Deciding what to wear for your photoshoot can feel overwhelming. What you wear not only affects how you look but also communicates much about you! 

Whether you are doing a branding shoot, a beauty/boudoir shoot, or an engagement shoot, a few guidelines will help you decide what to wear.

Your attire should reflect your personal style, so use the guidelines as inspiration, but there are no rules! That’s why, in this blog post, we’ll cover all the basics of the best outfits to show your personality in front of the lens.

And if you want to hang on to this info so you can refer back to it again and again, including our Meaning of Color chart, click below to download the complete Style Guide.

Tips to Help You Look Your Best In Photos

The number one rule in preparing for your brand photoshoot is to TRY EVERYTHING ON BEFORE YOUR SHOOT.

Honestly, I hate trying stuff on too, but it helps a lot to see what still fits, what doesn’t, and what you might need to buy or borrow.

Second, choose well-fitted, structured pieces to flatter your body shape and waist, regardless of size. The farther the fabric hangs from your body, the more weight it will add to the camera. On the other hand, pieces with a structure that tapers at the waist will look slimmer to the camera. Tip: Use a belt or tuck in flowey blouses if they don’t have any structure to create a waist.


Fabric with an interesting texture can add a lot to an image. I love pieces with exciting necklines and unique textures to add interest and depth to your pictures.

I love Judy’s mesh sleeves in this image. The texture brings some interest to the image and allows you to see her arms while also covering them so they do not draw attention from Judy’s lovely smile. Lace, mesh and other interesting fabrics are perfect for adding texture.

Barrington Branding photos


Many women are worried about how their arms look in photos. One of the best ways to minimize your arms, aside from posing, is to wear long or mid-length sleeves. Sleeves with texture are even more fun if you have them!

Use Color to Communicate Your Brand and Your Message

Think about how you want your viewer to feel or the different seasons of the year to choose appropriate colors. For example, use light blue for a calming vibe, yellow for happy and bright, or red to stop the scroll! I even have a color chart in our What to Wear Style Guide that will give you some insight on the connection between color and emotion.

I generally recommend solid colors over patterns, especially busy patterns. Do bring a variety—bring something light, something dark, something neutral, and something that pops!

For Mary Jo’s session, she wanted to communicate how strong and joyful she felt during this period of her life while capturing her spirit and love of color. She made the rainbow-colored jacket she wore, and I love the final result in her pictures. 

french horn player headshot portrait idea

What to Wear – Style and Formality

It’s often helpful to bring a variety of outfits that range from formal to casual to create variety in your shoot.


  • Suits/Blazers—Choose a suit or a blazer for more formal shots. You can get creative with color, choosing bodysuits underneath your blazer or less formal cuts and styles to communicate your style and personality.
  • Blouses – A great blouse can communicate professionalism without being as formal as a suit. Choose colors that suit you and your brand, and check for fit.
  • Choose well-fitting dresses or skirts like A-line or pencil styles for great photo options.

Working Life

Consider outfits that are not as formal as a suit, but show what you might wear to work without being super casual. This is a great place to incorporate color into your outfits.

  1. Blouses – Well-fitting blouses that don’t hang too far from your body can look beautiful in photos. The key is to find items that have some shape or can be worn with a belt or a jacket or tucked into your skirt/pants.
  2. Well-fitted button-down shirts for a professional yet less formal appearance.
  3. Great layering items like jackets, scarves, belts, etc, can add variety to your outfit choices and dress your outfit up or down depending on the item.
  4. Uniforms – Do you have an item that is associated with your profession like a lab coat, apron, etc? Bring it!


Include a more casual look for bts and personality images. They should still fit you well and showcase your style while also giving the viewer a glimpse of who you are at home.

  1. Bring your favorite pair of jeans to pair with a cute top.
  2. Consider a bodysuit or well-fitting casual top. This is a great place to incorporate color and personality!
  3. Personal items – do you have a favorite jacket, pair of boots, hat, etc? Incorporating these items tells the viewers a lot about your personality.
  4. Hobbies – Consider incorporating your favorite things, whether it’s something active like yoga or something quiet like reading or playing an instrument.


Accessorize by pairing jewelry, hats, and scarves with outfits for a look, aiming for the right balance of accessories without overdoing it.

Most of all, wear items you feel great in. If you feel great, you will look great. Try on all of your outfits before the shoot to make sure they still fit the way you remember, and give yourself enough time to go shopping if needed.

Overall, here is a checklist of what to remember:

  1. Well-fitting items that are not too bulky
  2. Look for texture
  3. Bring a variety of colors
  4. Sleeves!
  5. Your favorite dress(es)
  6. Suit or blazer 
  7. Pretty blouses and skirts
  8. Jeans and a bodysuit or cute top
  9. Uniforms/work attire
  10. Layering items like jackets, scarves, etc,
  11. Personal items like favorite shoes, hats, jewelry, etc.
  12. Hobbies

We always help our clients prepare for their shoots by having a consultation video call ahead of time. We will talk about what to wear and you can even show me your outfits. This really helps our clients feel confident about choosing outfits for their photoshoots.

If you really want the celebrity experience, we can also bring in a personal stylist to help you dress for your shoot. A stylist can do anything from give you suggestions before the shoot to pulling items from stores and bringing them to the shoot for you. I have to admit that I did this once, and I loved it. Trying outfits I never would have chosen myself but loved once I got them on. I was even able to buy a few of them, and they have been my favorite pieces for years.

Comment below with your questions or comments about what to wear with your next session and remember to pin this article here as inspiration!

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