stand out from the crowd
make more money
and connect with your tribe


stand out from the crowd
make more money
and connect with your tribe




Let's Master This Together!

A Personal Branding Photography Session is way more than the headshots you are used to. It is a full-service session that makes it easy and fun to create images and videos that will take your brand to the next level. We start with getting to know you and your brand, include wardrobe and styling advice, professional hair and makeup at your session, a two-hour shoot with 4-5 looks and professional retouching.

Most of all, we will take the time to get to know you so that your session is easy, fun and empowering. We specialize in creating confidence because we know that the more excited you are to share your images, the more your business will grow!

Imagine your inbox full of your ideal clients just dying to work with YOU


Say hello to your new brand. We'll walk you through planning your shoot, pose you from head to toe and plan how to use your visuals so that you look your best and walk away feeling confident.

  • Tired of price shoppers who can't tell the difference between you and your competition? 
  • Worried that you don't know what to wear, how to pose or how to even start planning your photoshoot?
  • Ashamed to share your website because your photos don't even look like you?

Frustrated with awkward headshots but overwhelmed with planning your next shoot?

Here's the deal

I've got your back in making you shine online, strategically marketing your services, and ensuring you're a standout in a crowded market. 

Whether you are a Small Business Owner, an Independent Professional or an Entrepreneur, you know that the path to more sales, bigger sales, and better clients is through connection. 

Not only do our businesses flourish when we connect with our tribe, but it is so much more FUN and rewarding to do our work when we get to work with the right people. But man, it is HARD to put ourselves out there sometimes. 

That's why it is my mission to make it easy and fun to build your brand image and your self-image. I want you to walk out of my studio with confidence in yourself and what you do, because that will directly translate to confidence in your audience. 

Together, we're going to create a whole library of images with purpose. This way, you can spend less time worrying about your next post and more time doing what you love - serving your clients and customers. So, what do you say... ready to make some magic happen?

from confusion to confidence

Hey Friend!


Every single one of my friends who saw the pictures had the same thing to say… beauty, elegance, and strength.  

I’ve never done anything like this before, and was quite nervous. But Ann quickly put me at ease and made me feel like a queen.


The whole day of the shoot was such a treat!
My images are truly breathtaking and I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer.

Ann was wonderful to work with. She made me feel like a celebrity: pampered and confident.


Ann has a way of bringing out your best. What I received out of this experience goes beyond the material.

I remembered who I am. 


 She has a very welcoming personality. I felt at ease with her. 

I didn't really know what to expect. During the shoot, Ann made me feel comfortable, sexy and beautiful.


Her posing instructions were clear and easy to follow.

Not many photographers know how to shoot a full figured woman (Me!), but Ann did a great job. 


She’s kind, friendliest and most down to earth person, and she’s an amazing photographer.  

We make it easy for you to look and feel amazing
while taking your brand to the next level

Pre-session Consultation to nail down your image needs
Wardrobe, prop and styling assistance
Professional Hair and Makeup 
2-Hour Photoshoot with 4-5 different Looks
Fully Guided Posing from head-to-toe
Boutique Retouching so you look your best

What makes our personal branding sessions different?

schedule your discovery call
Join us
Plus You`Ll Be Backed By A
Risk-Free Guarantee

From our initial conversation to the final product, I use my artistic skills and top-quality equipment to create portraits that are deeply personal and artistically stunning.

I focus on understanding your vision and story to craft images that truly reflect you, adding a personal touch to each photo with careful retouching.

Post-session, you'll select your favorites and if you're not completely satisfied, I'll reshoot until we capture your perfect moments. I guarantee the quality of your final products and am committed to making your experience enjoyable and memorable.

Yours truly, Ann O.

I am committed to delivering unmatched quality in every aspect of your portrait experience, from our initial conversation to the moment you hold your portraits.


frequently asked questions

The real question is what will you do with the confidence you will gain from your session?

But I get it, the idea of the "headshot" is so common that by default we think we only need one professional image of ourselves! In the digital era, however, our clients "meet" us online many times before they meet us in person - if they ever do! Most people will need to meet us several times before they feel that they know us well enough to reach out and engage with us. 

So let's think of all the ways you make contact with your future clients, audiences, coworkers, etc. We can start with the obvious like LinkedIn, your social media profile images, and your website. What about your social media feed - how often are you showing up there and what do your images say about you? Do you have an email list that you reach out to regularly? Do you have a professional image on your email signature and profile? Do you use printed materials like business cards, flyers or mailers? Do you run ads? 

Let's talk about variety a little bit. When do you run marketing campaigns? Do you have images for different seasons, holidays or launches you run throughout the year? How about Behind the Scenes images to show your clients what you do. Personality images to spice it up a little? Obviously, the list goes on and on!

Then you are in the right place! I would guess that 90% of my clients think this before their shoot, probably because they haven’t been photographed in good lighting with posing that flatters their body. It’s my job to guide you so that you look your best, you have fun and your personality comes out. It’s your job to love and accept yourself. It won’t take you long to relax into our shoot and realize that not only is it not difficult or scary, but that you are actually very photogenic! Many clients have shared with me how positive this experience was for their self-image and how good they felt about themselves and their bodies afterwards.

You are perfect just the way you are. No matter what diet culture tells us, it is so important that we love ourselves no matter what our weight or other “imperfections” we think we have. It’s time to neutralize the negative self-talk and love ourselves. I do want you to feel absolutely gorgeous in your photos and so I will use posing, lighting and clothing suggestions to help you look and feel your best. You will be amazed the difference these elements can make in camera! 

The first step is to schedule a phone call with Ann. We'll get to know each other and answer any questions you might have. Then we will schedule your photoshoot. We typically shoot Mondays-Thursdays starting around 10:30am at our Barrington studio.

My goal is to create the most beautiful images you have ever had of yourself. It is a collaborative process, so we will work together ahead of time to create the perfect shoot for you and to discuss both what you love and what you are insecure about. Our pricing is structured so that you only buy what you love and there is no obligation. Of course, we want you love all of your images, so get ready! That said, we want you to be 100% in love with your images and your experience. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your portraits at the viewing session, we will offer a reshoot at no additional cost to you. Our goal is to capture images that you will cherish forever.

Of course! When you see 25-30 stunning images from your shoot chances are you will want more than one. Extra images (including the 8x10 print and digital image) are $300 each. Packages include six images and beautiful folio boxes to store and display your prints and start at $1,500. We do take credit cards and offer payment plans. There is no hard sell to buy more this is about what you love and you won't know what you love until the images are finished! You can learn more about our gorgeous print products here:

Email:      Phone 217-417-5988


Ann & Kam Photography & Cinema is a portrait photography studio based in Barrington Hills, Illinois

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