May 14, 2024

Musician Photography – Headshots and Brand Photos

One of my favorite specialties to work in is musician photography. As a former student of music and a forever lover of music and dance, nothing makes my heart sing like creating personal, authentic, beautiful images for musicians and performers.

Headshots and Personal Branding Photos for Musicians

Recently, I had the pleasure of creating headshots and branding images with several professional musicians from the Chicago area.

I don’t think I’ve shared with you that I have two music degrees! I have a Bachelor’s degree in Music History and a Master’s in Ethnomusicology. Growing up, I was pretty serious about piano, but I when I discovered musicology I was hooked. I absolutely loved learning about the people and cultures behind music, and I actually first learned how to use a camera while doing fieldwork for my master’s degree in music in Belize. Music and dance have always been two passions of mine, so having musicians in my photography studio feels like coming home.

Now, when musicians come to my studio, we focus on creating various images that are beautiful and creative and express the performer’s personality. We use these images for marketing materials, bios, websites, posters, etc. We use imagery to tell the story of a musician through photography in a way that is both authentic and beautiful.

Melissa Bach – Cellist Personal Branding and Headshots Photos

Melissa is a cellist and the founder of Quartet Parapluie. She is an excellent musician and an experienced leader who needed updated images for her bio photos and marketing materials. She is joyful, fun, and just as beautiful on the inside as on the outside.

In our conversation, we discussed how important it is to inspire confidence in our future clients and employers. Melissa is an excellent performer and professional who brings talent, experience, organization and a warm and friendly personality to every performance, but she was worried that she might be overlooked for gigs if her images did not communicate that. I love that Melissa’s images gave her confidence and communicated her enthusiasm and experience.

Mary Jo Neher – French Horn Personal Branding and Headshot Photos

Mary Jo is a professional French horn player skilled in graphic arts and sewing. She was in the process of creating a new website that shares all of her creative and professional endeavors, and was looking for images that capture her personality and style. She is fun, smart, determined, and so creative and talented. It was inspiring to spend the day with her and create images that speak to all the different parts of her life. 

One key component Mary Jo wanted to communicate is how strong and joyful she felt during this period of her life while capturing her spirit and love of color. She made the rainbow-colored jacket she wore, and I love the final result in her pictures. 

Hilary Ann Feldman – Vocalist Headshots and Branding Images

Hilary is a vocal coach and cabaret artist. She is a fantastic performer who has taught and run her nonprofit, AOK Cabaret, for many years. Because she’s launching a new website and voice coaching program, she wanted to update her branding and marketing images with a fun and creative photoshoot.

Hilary is a consummate professional with an enjoyable sense of humor and wants to express herself in her images. We had so much fun creating images that were both beautiful and a little quirky, incorporating movement and improvisation into our shooting while blasting the music so that we could capture Hilary’s personality. 

I love working with musicians so much to create images that bring out your inner beauty but also help promote your amazing talent! Musician photography is a specialty that combines authentic portraiture with professional branding so that you have images that capture your individuality that you can also use in your marketing materials.

Ann & Kam Photography for Musicians

We know how hard it is to find the right person for your musician photography. Especially when it’s your turn to be in front of the camera. That’s why we have created a custom portrait experience to help you look your best and have FUN every time. Whether you are a musician looking for new professional images or ready for your portrait experience, we can plan the perfect shoot.

We have a custom-guided process to help you look your best, create images that you are proud of, and, most of all, have fun. We’re here to make your photo shoot experience as enjoyable as possible! Let us help you design a shoot that is right for you. From picking the perfect outfit to ensuring your hair and makeup look fantastic. During your shoot, we’ll coach you through all the poses, ensuring you look your best from head to toe. And rest assured, we’ll take care of all the editing to make sure you look flawless in every single shot! Schedule your call with us today to get more information.

So, as you can see, there’s more to a photo than what you see. There’s a behind-the-scenes process and photoshoot ideas that will make you shine as a professional musician. If you’re ready to get one step ahead of the competition, download your FREE Personal Branding Guide here.

Comment below with all your questions about your upcoming photoshoot or personal branding. Also, what other topics would you like me to write about in the blog post? Until next time!

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