April 26, 2024

Brand Photos for Plastic Surgeon Dr. Teri Moak

We recently had the opportunity to create brand photos for plastic surgeon Dr. Teri Moak. Teri recently moved her practice to Atlanta and is in the process of updating her website and branding materials. In this blog post, we’ll share more about her personality, experience, and the behind-the-scenes process before our photoshoot.

Who is Dr. Teri Moak?

Dr. Moak is passionate about helping women feel empowered and confident. She helps women to feel as beautiful and healthy as they are. She sees cosmetic plastic surgery as a part of an overall self-care routine, just like going to the salon to care for gray hair. I was surprised to discover that, in some ways, our jobs are very similar. We both care deeply about helping people feel more confident, whether that’s through posing and lighting or cosmetic surgery!

In our consultation, we looked at examples of brands she admired and talked about how she wanted her clients to feel. She wanted her brand photos to reflect a surgeon who listens and who women can trust while also exploring branding photos that were feminine and a little edgy.

Dr. Teri’s Brand Photo Process

After discussing her needs, we created a plan for a variety of images that Dr. Moak could use on her website, social media, and print advertising, as well as for bios for speaking engagements and teaching. We chose various outfits, from scrubs to formal dresses and suits, as well as some props like her stethoscope. We also incorporated some images of her hobbies, especially on social media. Teri is a musician and practices yoga, which were both really fun to photograph!

I had so much fun shooting with Dr. Moak and learning about her background and practice. She is intelligent, hard-working, thoughtful, kind, and fun. Dr. Moak’s patients are lucky to have her, and we are so grateful that we got to work with her! She even said it best:

“Prior to my photo shoot, Ann discussed my vision with me, helped me build a Pinterest board of ideas, and thoughtfully considered all aspects of the photos from styling to posing to larger scale considerations such as branding.

The day began with hair and makeup performed by a professional artist, who was incredible. We then launched directly into photos in their beautiful home studio. Being in front of a camera is very uncomfortable for me, but Ann and Kam made the day fun and relaxing! Ann was open to all of my ideas and has a keen eye for detail. She provides gentle instruction for posing and allows lots of freedom for creativity! Kam was wonderful at providing suggestions for lighting and backdrop in addition to just making me laugh!”

~Dr. Teri Moak

If you want to learn more about Dr. Moak and her practice, follow her on Instagram.

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